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We are Linx

We are creating Agricultural clusters in Nigeria's vast farming areas.

Strategically located in and around rural farming communities the agriculture clusters we create will form the nucleus of a new wave of agro-industries and greenfield ventures, attracting agripreneurs, biotechnology firms, intellectual and capital investments.

They will also ensure that foods are processed and packaged right where they are produced, rather than in urban centers far removed from centers of production.

By clustering these farmlands, we are aggregating the youngest and fastest-growing market that was dispersed, under-served and that businesses were simply failing to reach.


Linx has become an enabler for economic building blocks like identity management and financial services, key ingredients for scale that allow home grown innovators to find and connect with farmers across Africa.

African entrepreneurs are now interested in how farmers work and how they can help improve yields.

The barrier of entry into farming technology has dropped, as  we are making  computing systems, connectivity, open-source software, and other digital tools increasingly affordable and accessible.

With Linx, Entrepreneurs can now deliver solutions to small-size African farms at cost models that farmers can afford.

We are becoming better positioned to be catalysts in the African markets for the digital economy.


By giving farmers an identity, we expand their choices for living their lives in ways that are equitable, participatory, productive, and sustainable.

Digitising Africa remains at the heart of our business strategy, and we look to implement our model across other markets. Ensuring economic stability, ending extreme poverty and ensuring no one falls back into poverty.


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